10 Best Privacy Screen Protectors for iPhone X

With the growth of insecurity and the increase of online/cyberbullying along with everyday data breaches, privacy has become the biggest concern of every individual. Today, at least 10% of teenagers who are victims of privacy breaches, whatever the source or cause may be.

So, privacy matters and one simple step you could take as a part of protecting yourself is getting a privacy screen protector. Anti-Spy/Privacy screen protectors are tempered glasses with advanced screen films that prevent side viewing.

Well, that might not be much. But for the people who love to keep their conversations personal and their passwords a secret or do whatever the work they have to in a private manner, privacy screen protectors are a great choice.

We bring you the 10 best privacy screen protectors for iPhone X. The iPhone X is the latest edition in the iPhone line with a 5.8-inch full body screen. So, to better fit the requirements of the phone as well as the user, we have filtered out top 10 tempered glasses for iPhone X from all we have.


  • Comes as 9H hardness with maximum screen protection glass
  • 2.5D curved anti-chip edges
  • Offers anti-fingerprint and anti-shatter glass
  • Offers anti-shock and anti-drop guarantee too
  • Comes with bubble-free adhesives for a perfect installation

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  • Comes as 9H harness with 0.33mm ultra-thin tempered glass
  • Curved surface that bonds with your phone
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch proof
  • Offers a flexible and shatter-proof protection to your iPhone X
  • Assures of anti-peeling of glass pieces
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  • Comes as 4H Hardness with scratch resistant glass
  • Anti-fingerprint film
  • Provides easy installation with bubble-free adhesives
  • Offers lifetime replacement warranty for any user-errors or damaged product.
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4. GPEL 

  • Comes as 9H Hardness with 3D edge-to-edge glass
  • Made from Japanese Asahi Glass and offers shatter-proof even if cracked
  • Curvy edges to fit the complete screen
  • Directs the light towards your eyes only with the help of micro-sized louvers
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  • Comes as 9H Hardness with 2.5D edge and 0.33mm thickness glass
  • Anti-spy filter with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint technology
  • Created from environmental-friendly materials
  • Offers anti-explosion
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  • Comes with 9H hardness anti-scratch proof and shock-absorption glass
  • Offers anti-fingerprint and anti-shatterproof and 4D Touch compatibility
  • The open-edge display covers complete visible screen for full protection
  • Offers high response and high transparency
  • The screen protector has adhesives to help users with hassle-free and bubble-free installation
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  • Comes with 9H hardness anti-scratch and anti-shatter proof durable glass
  • Offers shock absorption and protects from drops and damages
  • Offers full-screen protection with curved edges
  • Premium 3D full screen glass for privacy protection
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  • Comes as high-quality privacy film with 9H hardness, 0.3MM thickness, and 2.5D round edges.
  • Offers clear screen viewing and protects against the eye strains
  • Offers anti-scratch and anti-smudge proof glass
  • Adhesives for bubble-free installation
  • Offers lifetime replacement warranty for bubbled or damaged product.
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  • Comes with 9H hardness anti-scratch and anti-shatter glass
  • Offers high transmittance to help bring the original color/brightness
  • Offers HD retina viewing and protection against sweat and oil residue
  • Helps to prevent and filter ultraviolet rays.
  • The product is a package of 3 different screens; transparent, privacy protection, and black edges.
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  • Comes with 9H hardness 4 way (360 degrees) privacy protection glass
  • Offers anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-glare technology
  • TrueTouch sensitivity for optimal 3D touch experience
  • Offers anti-bacterial to help better protect the device and the user
  • Doesn’t cover the sensors for an optimal feature-rich mobile experience.

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