121C Cruiser Skateboard Review

In the age where the indoor games have become the definite health threat to a whole new generation, skateboarding is one of the outdoor sports that requires lot energy and thus facilitates a healthy lifestyle.

However, the traditional skateboards now seem to be a thing of the past. Cruiser skateboards have become the new talk of the town in the recent times, and they are gaining popularity among the younger folks, especially the teenagers.

The skateboarding events that take place around the globe also prove to be a lot helpful in maintaining the general interest in this highly athletic and entertaining sport. Let’s get into Cruiser Skateboard Design, Specs, Pros & Cons.

Cruiser Skateboard Overview

The brand name 121C was the idea generated by a group of some dynamic youngsters lead by Ryan Olliges, now known as a visionary genius to present the skateboarding in front of the world in a whole new light. They began their crowdfunding campaign with Aileron Skate Desk.


The success of that particular campaign gave them enough reasons to launch one more. The new project comes with an environmental mission- to diminish the carbon filling fiber scrap. If their unabashed claims are to be believed, then they have come with a product that will take the whole skateboarding experience to another level by bringing into the market the most stylish, coolest and lightest cruiser skateboard.

The idea for the Rover came along when the makers felt during the production of Aileron that into a very large cruiser deck, the amount of trim scrap was too little for the incorporation in it. A need was felt to make the wrongs right and a second board went into the production, which happens to be Rover. The thoughtfulness of the team is quite inspiring. Let us now take a look into the design and technical aspects of the skateboard.

Cruiser Skateboard Design

The basic design inspiration for the Rover has been inspired from JPL’s Pathfinder Rover, which happens to be known as one of the best in the market. The core design pattern remains the same- a gracefully simple design, yet maintaining a lightweight and high functionality.

The lightweight in the design comes with a lot of advantages when it comes to skateboarding. First of all, the lightweight makes it easy to carry from place to place and moving on it across the college campus, or your street makes it pretty comfortable and easy.


It comes at a mere 560 grams, while most of the skateboards are almost twice as this one, which is a massive difference. The reason for that is the intricate design that has led to the removal of those heavy plastic cruisers and comes along with a very light wood deck. These features provide the skater with a lot more flexibility in the movement and not to forget, the eccentric style, that is the USP of the Rover.

Shedding the extra weight has allowed the creative folks behind the designs to experiment with the design a bit, and they came up with a wider deck and trucks. This, other than providing a stylish look to the board, also does the job of providing some additional stability and great control.

The stiffness of the carbon fiber also has allowed them to make it thin, less than ¼ inches. As they also have installed shark wheels in the design, the least we could say is that the design is madly uber cool.

Some additional design features are also there to better the overall impact. The added cutouts on the Rover serve as hard security points. They let your board be secured inside your locker or maybe outside, with a padlock. They eliminate the chances of it being stolen.

Cruiser Skateboard Technical Specifications

As beautiful the design is, the technical specs happen to be more beautiful than that. There used to be a general notion about the length, width and overall design of a skateboard but the Rover has challenged almost all of them altogether.

The length of the Rover stands at 21.95 inches while the width is about 6.47 in. The wheelbase stands at an impressive 12.00 inch along with a tail that is 1.19 inches in total.

Technically, this may be one of the best skateboards ever produced and the design makes it a stylish one. The perfect combo, we must say. 

121 Curiser Skateboard

Cruiser Skateboard Pros

  • Super lightweight.
  • Easy and comfortable to carry.
  • Well built and superbly stylish.

Cruiser Skateboard Cons

  • The makers have indicated that the price may be a bit higher than an average skateboard.
  • Availability in countries other than the US can be an issue.
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While the whole skateboarding industry is coming out with some super cool products, Cruiser Skateboard is separate from the rest. The skateboard itself is reminiscent of style and charm, and the Rover fulfills all the requirements to become a rage in times to come.