Boombotix Wireless Headphones Review

The music fraternity is known to be fiercely loyal to the latest products that crowd the market, the good ones. That is precisely why when Boombotix launched their previous campaigns for the portable speakers, it proved to be a pretty successful campaign. Thanks to that, they are confident enough to come with the latest product that promises to change the music world as we know it.

What we usually desire in a good headphone is that it lets us immerse into the world of music completely without any outside disturbance.  But there always are some crazy ones among us who look in the different direction. They want to enjoy the different ambient sounds of the outside environment while listening to the music and there is a significant lack of good products in the market that provide the same feature. Of course, there are a few companies who manufacture headphones and earphones so bad that they don’t need an extra option to switch on the ambient sound. It needed a technical approach and a balanced interior design what will balance the music and ambient sound in a way that not only enhances the music experience but takes it off the charts.

Boombotix Wireless Headphones Overview

Boombotix stayed away from manufacturing headphones for a significant number of years as they were pretty much content with the products that were already circulating the market. But over time, they felt the need of some high-quality headphones that was going to provide them with the HYBRID sound of the highest degree when they came up with the idea for this particular product. The concept of HYBRID audio is not new or unique per se, many professional DJ and musicians have been using it to create some great music. What if the listeners wanted to have that feel of being one with nature while listening to music live as they had to listen to what the composer did? That is precisely where Boombotix came ahead with a brand new technology to provide the listeners what they desired the most.

The basic concept on which the headphones work is this- there happens to be an additional external microphone delicately placed on the headphone body, and all you have to do is just to activate the option and voila! It is done, in the easiest possible way and we don’t have to speak about the sound quality of the headphones anymore as these guys have proved themselves with their previous products.


Sound Quality

There is a general notion among the public that the wireless factor may mess with the fidelity of the headphones. But this proves to be just a mythical statement in this particular case. The quality, the base and the clarity in the sound offer no trace of mediocrity at all. We can say without any traces of doubt that the sound engineers behind this one had a deep knowledge of about this stuff work; the experience comes in handy we must say.

The instrumental isolation is brilliant, and the bass is one thing where most makers make mistakes. To make the bass extra powerful, they tend to mess up the overall clarity and sound of the device. But this isn’t the case here. You experience the perfect balance of the things.

Material Design

Keeping the hip generation of the youngsters and 20 somethings in mind, the design of these headphones has gone totally savage and bonkers. The shape is wild and has all the charm to attract a lot of music lovers. The coolness quotient doesn’t mess with the comfort level comes with them as they can take on any established biggies if it comes to that.

The headphones have been designed keeping in mind the intense behind the mixer sessions, workouts, traveling and other tasks much less lying in your bed feeling the music. The very smooth interaction between the headphones and the smartphone makes the wired counterparts feel worthless. The designs haven’t been compromised at all while providing the best in the market sound quality to the consumers, which is another mistake made by other companies. The true music lovers know how hard it is to find a perfect balance of style and substance in the industry.

The Bluetooth range is insane, 100 feet for the MASTER and about 300 feet for the MIDI, nailing the competition totally and ruthlessly. Designed with highest quality material for the regular daily use indoors and outdoors, this product is a master in every department. Earmuffs are very delicately stitched leather pads that provide just about enough rigidity to make the experience top notch. The micro earbuds also happen to be crafted with elegance to fit any ear comfortably. The strong and powerful design meets with hipster attitude, the perfect combination!

The master happens to be the top of the line product in this particular segment while provides a great professional level sound along with a strong material design. Equipped with 50mm drivers, alloy hinges, and the HYBRID audio mics, this one rules the roost. Battery backup is up to 250 hours and it takes about 2 and half hours to charge fully. MIDI features 40mm drivers, and the battery backup is more or less the same, so is in the MICRO. All three are water resistant and having highly responsive mechanisms.


  • Lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • An insanely good battery backup that runs for about 250 hours in a standby mode.
  • The sound quality is among the best in the market.


  • Bluetooth connectivity may not work flawlessly on many occasions.


While the competition is intense, there happen to be very few products in the market that delivers what they promise, and that is what makes Boombotix so much special. It takes care of the listener’s demands in the best way possible and has come up with a range of wireless headphones that offers a high-quality sound and functions flawlessly. The Bluetooth range of the headphones is marvelous as well, and this is one brand name to look out for.