Energysquare Review

It seems as if the time to say goodbye to the wired chargers is nearing as the world is riding high on the technological advances. The latest one to join the list is this beautiful device called Energysquare that holds within it, the promise to change the way we have been charging our gadgets and appliances.

Energysquare Overview

Energysquare can be described as a brand new generation of wireless chargers that enables the user to charge more than one electrical device at the same time and you don’t even need to worry about the charging speed as it would be at par with what the in-box chargers provide. This wire-free and induction free technology have been doing the waves for a few years now and the popularity keeps increasing. Just place your out-of-juice device on a very thin pad and get it charged faster and safer.

So it seems as if the time has gone of plugging in your charger into the socket and the phone to the charger as this new technology is here to stay. All you have to do is to put a sticker on your phone and then place it on the ultra-thin and attractive pad and voila! It is done. Energysquare will work with almost all phones and tablets that happen to have a micro USB connector attached along with them; which would be a problem for the Apple users whatsoever. The Android and Window Phone users can have all the fun in the world while the iPhone users may have to wait some more for the device that would be compatible with them. However, iPhone users with the lightning connector will have no problem at all.


Design & Working

The basic technology behind the working of Energysquare consists of basically two important elements.

  • The ultra-thin charging pad that is made of conductive squares has been inlaid into an insulating material. Each one of the squares is then controlled by the device’s embedded system independently.
  • The second element is a sticker that needs to be attached to the phone or the device that you are going to charge. The thin and very adhesives sticker then perform the job of attaching the battery of the device to the charging pad. The two conductive dots on the sticker make sure that it receives ample power from the pad in order to charge the battery. As soon as the physical contact is established between the sticker and the pad, the charging process enables.



The list of pros, on a basic level, is all related to the differentiation between the regular chargers and Energysquare. There are many areas in which Energysquare seems to be having the upper hand over the regular chargers.

  • First one is the loss of energy, which comes with the induction charging and is practically non-existent in the case of Energysquare.
  • More than one devices can have the stickers attached to them and can be charged all at one go. However, if something doesn’t seem well, you can just remove the sticker and are good to go with the regular charger.
  • One other advantage of it over the regular chargers is that it is safer to charge the phone overnight. In case of induction chargers, it is considered massively unsafe.
  • Other benefits of the device are that Energysquare can be placed anywhere in the house. It is lightweight and doesn’t take a lot of space and this also makes it easy to carry from one place to other.
  • The multiple devices charging feature is enough to compel anyone to go and get one Energysquare for themselves.

Compatibility level is quite high on this one. It covers basically every other smartphone and gadget and all it takes is just putting a sticker on the backside of the device. However, the stickers are tailor-made for different devices. So, if you have more than two different brands of phones in your family, you may have to buy separate stickers. But the upside to all that is, the stickers are not very expensive and can be easily replaced.

The pad comes with a slick technology known as Smart Sleep Mode that keeps away the wastage of power when no device is attached. Once the device if fully charged, the device senses it and the charging gets stopped automatically.


  • The cost of the device is slightly on the higher side and users might not show liking towards the device initially.
  • The stickers are somehow perishable and should be changed at regular intervals.
  • Buying different stickers for different devices and then keeping track may be a headache for some users.

However, the pros of the device do outshine the cons very clearly.


If everything goes right, this could be a huge step forward in the technological innovations and can change the mobile phone charging patterns on a global level. Works are underway to make it better and let’s just hope that it justifies all the hype surrounding it.