iDuo Review

While many of the leading Smartphones have ventured in dual sim operation, sadly, the iPhone users are devoid of it since the start, and that may not be a bad thing for most of the consumers. But there happens to be a section of the population, especially, the business class that would love to have more than one numbers.

Certainly, there are some good points on the side if the company goes on to manufacture gadgets with a single sim card, but somehow, somewhere the Apple users are disappointed. But they need to be no more as iDuo has arrived with a technology that would let the users use more than one numbers in one device.

iDuo- Make Your iPhone More Functional

An indispensable helper that works primarily through Bluetooth, iDuo is designed for the Apple users especially to make their phones more advanced than they already are. A specialized app is needed for its operation, and once it is downloaded and installed, your phone will detect the sim card that is placed inside the device iDuo. Better yet, for the Apple devices that don’t come with communication features such as iPad and iPod Touch, iDuo takes care of that and makes them open for communication and provides all the calling and texting-related mobile phone features. Altec Corporation has developed the device, and their core research and development team is based out of Shenzen, China.


iDuo Features

However, the biggest feature of the device remains the obvious one, the dual sim usage on your iPhone but other than that; there are an array of features that come along with this beautiful device.

This device enables one to set the settings in a way that your work number will ring on your personal phone that means no hassle of keeping and managing two phones each for your business and family/friends. Keeping two phones with you comes with its share of disadvantages.

In the busy world, it is very hard to keep one cell phone away from falling, losing or getting stolen and given their sizes; it is a hectic job to carry more than one Smartphone all the time. iDuo makes this easier on you. The functions that it performs are so smart that you don’t need to get a second phone for the same purposes. Just stick the new GSM sim in the device and turn on the Bluetooth and through a uniquely designed app and the Bluetooth connectivity, the device will be connected to your phone, and you are good to go.


One other function that iDuo performs pretty well is that it warns you whenever you get out of the particular range where your Bluetooth connection with the device breaks. The ideal range is 50 meters, and you will be signaled that your phone is getting out of range, and you won’t receive the calls or the text messages that may come on your number that is installed on iDuo.

Not only the calls and texts, but the device also lets you perform one other feature that the smartphones do. It lets you take photos and thanks to the front camera, even selfies and the quality of those photos are at par with the camera attached to your Smartphone while an alarm and the GPS service are the icings on the cake.

So, yes, it all seems quite shiny but only the time will tell how popular this device is going to be once it gets launched officially in the market and we should also keep in mind that, we can always get a smartphone having slots for two sim cards, so iDuo needs to be really really good it if wants us even to consider getting one.

iDuo Pros

  • High-level connectivity and stable network signals won’t let you feel the absence of another cell phone. Once it gets linked to your iPhone, it will give your phone a dual personality.
  • Pictures can be taken on the device, and the quality is at par with the regular phone cameras and some additional features provided for the selfie-obsessed people works fine.
  • Turns your iPad and iPod Touch into a cell phone that can receive calls and text messages.
  • Works with Bluetooth 4.0, the latest updated version which means there would be no problems in connecting it to the cell phone.
  • Comes with features such as alarms and GPS anti lost.

iDuo Cons

  • Lack of features that would compel the consumers to buy one for them. If they needed a dual sim function, they would just opt for a new phone that offers dual sim functions.
  • Works only with the Apple devices.


iDuo may seem quite flashy and charming from a distance, but it needs to come with more features than present to have a stronghold in the gadget market.