Nimb Ring Review

Did anybody have any idea up until a few years ago that a simple ring could provide the most high-level security functions to somebody? Seems like a gadget that is some wild fantasy of a crazy writer. But as it happens to be the case, there is a product that has been created which will do the same. Technology has come so far that it never fails to surprise us, and the credit goes to the visionaries behind those inventions. They have the guts to think and go ahead with creating these wonderful gifts that this beautiful age of technology has bestowed upon us.

Nimb – Ring with a Concealed Button

Nimb is a ring that is worn on the finger that is having a panic button installed in it. What is so special in it? Well, what this little gadget does is that it notifies your preset contacts on the phone in the case of emergencies with what? Just a touch of the thumb and that is it. Emergencies can often be extremely dangerous and life-threatening in some cases, so Nimb provides a vibration feedback that the contacts have been notified, and the help is on the way.


Whatever the emergency is, whether you are stuck in a natural calamity such as an earthquake, fire eruption or flood or health problems such as heart attacks and anxiety attack, it comes in handy. This little ring performs the job smoothly and accurately. In short, the only motive behind its existence is to keep you safe. Some apps in the market perform the same job more or less, but very few among them provide the simple operation and accuracy as Nimb. The ring is extremely comfortable to wear and looks like a normal ring. Only on a very close inspection would one come to know the difference.

Nimb Working

First, you have to set a safety circle on your Smartphone with GPS service. The people you may want to reach out in the case of emergencies. They may be 911; your friends, parents, spouses or anybody you think would be the right person.

When the emergency erupts, first and foremost, you need to keep calm and maintain a healthy state of mind and panicking may not be good for you or the ring to function properly. Then press the button placed delicately on the ring and you need to hold it for about 3 seconds, and that is almost it. The information regarding your GPS location and profile info will in no time reach the people you have set as emergency contacts.

In the real-time, Nimb will grab your location and other information and is designed to avoid the dangerous delays and unnecessary lags. This will be notified to you with a slow vibration, and you will relax as the response team has got the message and are on their way to you. It is particularly helpful for the women in the third world countries, where the incidents of rape and abduction are unusually common.



  • As you install the Nimb mobile app on your phone, you are the one to choose the contacts you want to contact in the case of emergencies. You can also choose to keep only the police in your contact list, but we would personally prefer if you had a close friend or a family member as your contact.
  • It is for everyone. From the children to the aged fellows, everyone can take the service of this eccentric device. As the crime rate has been going up, no one is safe and devices like Nimb is must haves in the present scenario for everybody.
  • Other than being a very useful product, it redefines the word cool. Rings have been worn as an accessory since the beginning of the times, and it is a fact that if the ring suits the personality, it is the only additional accessory you may have to need to look stylish. Nimb ring comes in varied colors and forms, and it is up to you to decide which one gels well with your personality. Every design is more stylish and sophisticated than the others.
  • If we are talking about a safety ring, reliability is one aspect that cannot be taken lightly at any cost. According to the manufacturers, they have gone through with hundreds of tests and have constantly updated it and presented in its final form that works smoothly irrespective of the location or the weather conditions. The ring is waterproof and works at different levels of intensity that you have pushed the button in. The Bluetooth stability is amazing, and the strong material used in the ring makes it practically unbreakable.
  • The ring vibrates when a certain distance is reached between you and your phone which ensures the safety of your phone in a simple way.
  • As the button is sunken in, it also makes it impossible to push the button accidentally. Other than that, the button must be pressed for at least 3 seconds before it gets activated which further takes away the possibility of the mistakes.

Technical Specs

  • Available in two color options- Classic White and Stealth Black.
  • Li-Po rechargeable battery.
  • Battery life of two weeks is marvelous.
  • Water and dust production.
  • Anti-allergic metal has been used.


  • Easy to use and works smoothly.
  • Works as promised.
  • Doesn’t lag and provides accurate descriptions of the location.


  • The ring is very little, could get lost if the holder is not extra careful.
  • A few more options must be there at this price as some people may never have to use the safety features.


A must-have for people living in the high-risk zones across the world. The ring looks cool and will suit the personality well if the correct color and form are chosen. Other than that, the app works smoothly, and the chat option that has been added to the overall functionality of the watch works pretty well. A nice product overall but we surely wish that you may never need to use it.