[Rocketbook] Everlast Smart Notebook Review

Everlast Notebook Overview

The Everlast Notebook, created by Rocketbook, based in Boston Massachusetts, provides the conventional pen and paper experience, but with a technological twist. It looks and feels like the classic notebook, but this smart notebook is actually reusable for the rest of your life and can connect to cloud services. This notebook is compatible with Rocketbook application and hence all your notes written on the pages will get stored on online destinations like Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote in a perfectly organized manner.

Thus, this two-in-one smart notebook allows you to doodle with a pen while storing it all on a laptop already. This physical notebook with reusable pages is made in a way that while writing or drawing with a pen, the ink will stick to the pages without smudges. However, just add a drop or water or take a wet towel and erase everything that you have written with a single wipe once the pages are full, and your notebook is ready to be used in a brand new sensor.

Everlast Notebook Review

In order to save your work, all you need to do is click photos of each page in your notebook with the help of Rocketbook application available for both iOS and Android and then turn on the sync to access the pages from the cloud services of your choice. When pictures are clicked via Rocketbook, the pictures are cropped and processed and then sent to the cloud.

Everlast Notebook Features

  1. It is not a typical tiny whiteboard; in fact, the 36 or 32 pages are a waterproof synthetic poly blend. The pages have a dot grid pattern and polyethylene binding.
  2. The Everlast Notebook is available in two sizes- The standard Letter Size and smaller Executive Size, having 32 and 36 sheets and a dimension of 8.5X11 inches and 6X8 inches respectively.
  3. By using a wet towel, everything written with Pilot Frixion pens can be erased.
  4. The users get the option to select the service each page should go to by marking them at the bottom in form of tiny symbols.
  5. Rocketbook application crops and rotates pages automatically and the QR codes on physical pages tell page numbers to the application and hence all your work is saved online in a perfect order.

Everlast Notebook Pros

  1. The ideal notebook for those looking for freedom while sketching and writing but while saving and reusing papers.
  2. The feel and function of a traditional notebook and compatibility with cloud technology.
  3. Saves money, space, time and arranges notes in a perfect order.
  4. The unique material (Synthetic polymer) actually makes you feel like using a normal notebook as the page don’t feel glossy.
  5. Easy conversion of handwritten notes into files on a computer using the patent-pending image capture technology.
  6. The unique ability of the application to make the sketches and drawings look better and crisp on the app than in reality due to automatically enhancing ability.

Everlast Notebook Cons

  1. The limitation of using pens only from the Pilot Frixion line.
  2. The ink takes about 15 seconds to dry completely and there are chances of transferring the ink on another page.
  3. The work written needs to be erased every few weeks to keep the notebook working in a good condition, as after two-three months the ink may leave a faint trace behind.


What can be better than writing on a notebook without actually using the paper? Who wants to store a pile of notebooks when you can access all your work from your mobile? The idea of having a smart reusable notebook is definitely revolutionary. With the usage of The Everlast Notebook, one will be able to take all the benefits of smart technology while having the freedom to use an actual pen and paper instead keyboard and mouse. With its endless reusable ability, this product will prove ideal for artists and students.