Satechi Bluetooth Media Button Review

There are times when your phone generally gets out of your reach when you are listening to the music. Most of the times, it doesn’t take too much of your time or your effort to go and grab it but there are times when it becomes almost impossible.

Take a vehicle for example, taking your eyes off the road even for a second or two may prove to be extremely dangerous in certain cases. Some people just can’t get away from their phones and while it may not be a bad thing, it should never result in someone casually losing their lives.

That is precisely where Satechi Bluetooth Media Button series comes in picture. It makes your life so much easier by keeping you in control of your iPhone’s multimedia functions at all times.

Bluetooth Media Button Overview

Satechi BT Button series does a fine job of making your phone much more accessible to you than ever before. Speaking in broader terms, what it basically does is that it puts the control of your phone’s all multimedia functions in your hands and that too with a single press of a button.

The best part is that you can place the button anywhere, in your keychain, wallet, dashboard, of your car and anywhere else that you think will be better. It makes you get access to your Smartphone whenever it goes out of reach of your eyes and hands. Whether it’s in your pocket and you are feeling too lazy to take it out of your tight jeans or on the table far away from you or maybe from the backseat of your car. It does make the life a little bit easier on your part.

The range of the device is up to 40 feet which is massive and more than enough for most of the users. The Bluetooth technique is used to connect the phone with the device and depending on the connection between them, the device works and it works flawlessly if there is no interruption from the outside. In many ways, this device can be termed as a revolutionary product which is a must have if you own a Smartphone, which we doubt everyone does nowadays.

There are many functions that this little device can perform, and it doesn’t require your phone to be with you during that. You can stop/play, forward/backward, change the volume levels just with a push of your button which you have comfortably placed within your reach. The latest Bluetooth update comes with the device and it works smoothly. It is a very little device which can be carried very easily from one place to another and it can be adjusted anywhere, the place where you are most comfortable using it.

Coming with some amazing features, this is arguably the first device of its kind. Let’s take a look at the various features that Satechi has to offer in terms of services, build and durability.

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Bluetooth Media Button Features

  • Controlled media playback

As mentioned in the description quite extensively, this happens to be the foremost feature of this device for which it has been made for. Controlling the media services on your phone was never so easy before.

You are just a button press away from changing the tracks; adjust the volume on your phone and that too even without touching your phone. So basically, no worries if the phone happens to fall under the seats of the car while driving. You can take it out later, for now, just let the music play and have a joyful ride.

  • Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth has made our lives so much easier. Everything is under our range now. Large files get exchanged with a simple and invisible connection. But here, it does the job of connecting the phone to a device which controls the functions on your phone.

You just have to pair the BT shutter button with your tablet or smartphone through a Bluetooth connection and you are basically done. There is no need to install any third party software or anything like that in order to make the function work. The Bluetooth range is quite insane at 40 feet and that would be enough for almost all the users.

  • Mount Attachment

Mounting the device shouldn’t come across as an issue with this as an additional mount is provided within the box in order to comfortably mount the device anywhere. Yes, with a very effective grip, you can mount the Satechi media button to your steering wheel, or maybe the handlebars of your bicycles. It helps you in maintaining your eyes on the road while listening to the music and that too without even having an idea of where your phone is.

  • Compatibility

Satechi is made keeping some high-end phones in the view. The devices that it is compatible with are, iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C, iPod Touch 5G/4G, iPad Air 2/Air/Mini/3/2/1, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 4/3/2/Edge/Pro/Tab Pro, Google Nexus 9/7/6/5, Moto X/G, LG G3, and more


It’s as easy as pairing your phone to other phone using Bluetooth. You have to press the tiny pairing button on the device until the lights blinks blue. Then turn the Bluetooth search on your phone, the Satechi will show up there as ‘POP Multimedia’. Select that option to connect and with that, you are done. There are no additional apps needed in order to make it work.

Satichi Bluetooth Media Button


  • Easy to connect and a flawless connectivity.
  • Works like a charm; the volume buttons and other controls are smooth to press and feel good.
  • The device looks good.


  • The pairing button is somehow hard to push.
  • The diameter of the mount may be too big for some users.


Satechi media button comes into the market and has already built a great reputation. The working and usefulness of the Bluetooth media button had made the consumers to create a massive demand for the product in the international market which is a great thing for the company. If the cons of the product are to be ignored, it makes for such a great deal