Sleepman Review

If you are corporate man or woman, there is no other person in the entire world who knows the value of a good night’s sleep more than you. You have gone through sleepless nights due to stress, workload or some other reason, and you crave for a good 8-hour sleep.

Afternoon naps are severely out of the question, though. You feel tired all day, thinking about your sweet soft bed, which further affects your productivity at work. So it’s all downhill without a good sleep, it can be said. Worse, the economy is growing, so more jobs and more and more people every day falling into the trap of sleepless nights. What if the technology took over and handled your problems swiftly.

Well, here it is, the Sleepman. The device manufactured just for the sake of getting its owner a good night’s sleep.


Sleepman Overview

Sleepman aids in getting you a stress-free, calm and beautiful, good night’s sleep and thus, does wonder for your overall well-being. It happens to be a unique multifunctional monitoring device that doesn’t seem like anything short of a miracle.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of it as just another smartwatch or some innovative alarm clock that would just wake you up and have some cool features. These things are here, but there is much more to it.

On the core level, it functions as a wellness device, and its job is to optimize and enhance your sleep, to get you to wake up during the perfect sleep phase and also to provide you a good history check of your sleep patterns along with the daily activity levels.


What is more, it will warn you of the drowsiness you feel while driving, which could be fatal in many cases. This has become a worrisome cause of the accident. The watch notifies you whenever you are feeling like closing your eyes and put them at rest at the office, in the car or while doing any other activities. Without affecting your everyday lifestyle, Sleepman improves the way you have been unsatisfactorily sleeping all this time.

The fresh mind and body come along with the increased productivity in the professional life, a good social and personal life. You feel fresh all day, and then there is that saying ‘health is wealth.’ So it seems, that those unhealthy days are over for you as we all are ushering into a bright future.


Bio Smart Alarm

  • Timing, as the researchers and leading scholars say when it comes to understanding the perfect sleep pattern for a human body, is the key. That is the secret for you to get a perfect sleep and to wake up full of energy and enthusiasm every single day. There is nothing more.
  • If you can get the sleep for about 8 hours per night, you will wake up refreshed. Some unnecessary habits such as smoking and drinking the previous night may challenge the notion of a good night’s sleep, so you need to cut it out of your lifestyle. Where the timing comes in the question is that you need to wake up at the perfect time during the sleep where you don’t feel tired and want to go back to the bed already.
  • Sleepman continuously monitors your sleep stages that keep altering during the time you are sound asleep. It has a unique system that it catches the time when your sleep is the lightest and wakes you up right at that moment. All these facts have been approved by the leading researchers, and they have designed the device based on that only.

Doze off Alert

  • This particular feature is designed keeping in mind the road safety and to minimize all those accidents which happen due to the tiredness due to lack of sleep in the drivers. It accounts for about half of the overall road accidents.
  • It has the sensors to detect the bio-signals of the drivers and keeps the check of the loss of concentration while driving, and when it does detect an irregularity, it has a warning system that notifies the driver about it. Vibrations, flashing lights and sounds are pre-installed features which warn the driver and immediately takes their attention back to the road.
  • There are many such devices in the market but what makes Sleepman better than them is that it decides the level of consciousness by keeping the check of the pulse and other bodily reactions. Others do this by checking on the body movements like movements of the head going down which may be too late.

Power Nap Alarm

  • We can’t stress enough on the importance of a power nap in between the work which may make you wake up all refreshed and fresh.
  • An ideal nap should be about 20 minutes, and the naps can make you tired, but not with Sleepman, it wakes you up from the nap at the perfect time to avoid the tiredness and drowsiness that follows.
  • Sleepman helps you to stay away from a deep sleep during the nap.

Sleep and Activity Tracker

  • Sleepman provides you data about your sleep patterns and activity levels to make you maintain a check about your sleep.
  • The data is sent to your smartphones via Bluetooth in perfectly understandable graphs forms. This helps you in maintaining a healthy routine and thus a healthy lifestyle.


  • Great device for health-conscious individuals.
  • Works like a charm in monitoring the sleep patterns and provide you accurate data about how much sleep do you require.
  • Great for taking a nap.


  • Heavy on the pocket.
  • May feel uncomfortable keeping it on the wrist at night that is if you don’t put it on a nearby table or bed.


Sleepman is a great device to help you get proper rest which you rightly deserve. It does work the way it promises, and thus, it happens to be a good deal if you are one of those who crave for a good night’s sleep