The Basslet Review

Gone are the times when listening to music was an indoor job. People have always believed that music is an experience that feels the best when you are in closed walls with those smashing speakers and woofers that take the whole musical experience to a whole new level altogether. While on the other hand, outdoors music listening was meant to have through headphones and earphones that provided a good experience but nowhere near the giant rocking woofers.

The concept of portable speakers just arrived a few years ago since the advent of the Bluetooth technology in the phones and the tech world has been going berserk about it since then. Thanks to this sort of revolution, there are many companies showing up with their innovative designs of speakers and woofers that could be taken along wherever you go. Whether it is just a general outing with your closest friends or a nearby trip to some hill station or the beach, they are everywhere. Mostly because they are affordable and provide a good sound to the listeners but did we need a woofer that could be tied around your wrist like a watch? Let us find out.

The Basslet Overview

The Basslet can be defined in the simplest of the words as a portable subwoofer for your body that gets worn on the wrist. Many people will doubt the sound quality and overall music experience this tiny watch-like device could provide them. Well, all we are going to say to that is that size does matter in some places, but this is one of the rare instances where size comes as an advantage rather than a backdrop. The device takes the assistance of a whole new technology invented by some visionaries and it provides a sound and feel to the music that most top rated headphones cannot. It may sound clichéd, but it lets you feel the music.

It can also be defined as a masterful invention if the testaments of the some of the best people in the market are to be believed. It holds the power of a strong speaker system in a device that is as tiny as your wristwatch. Seems almost impossible right? We will discuss that later when we go onto the design and the technical aspects of the device, but for now, let us just tell you that it holds the power of a massive sound system.


The Basslet Design

There are some stubborn people out there who go for the looks before anything else. We are not saying this is a bad thing; in fact, it’s the opposite. It makes the makers put in some extra efforts to design the products in a way that appeals to everybody. The way Basslet has been designed puts us into a new perspective altogether.

The young minds behind it have gone all crazy on the design, and if does not get the younger generation crazy, I don’t know what can. WertelOberfell is the design studio that has done the amazing job of providing the gadget with some great looks combining the strongest materials they could use.

Light in weight yet extremely strong, you can feel it upon touching it. You can wear it on your wrists all day long without even feeling anything. More so, if you happen to dislike the strap, which we strongly doubt you would, it happens to be easily replaceable. You just have to find the right strap meeting your requirements. The only thing is that it entertains only 24mm straps.


All-stars to the design feels stylish and oddly but beautifully crude. Suitable mostly for the young guns, but age is just a number for some, right?

The Basslet Working

The very innovative technology has been designed in Germany by a team of some experienced people in the trade. The LoSound engine does the job of flawlessly recreating the bass frequencies and takes them down to 10 Hz. What it does is that it provides a powerful frequency response that happens to be bass-optimized and also a very large dynamic range that effortlessly handles the low-end peaks with an insane accuracy?

The very precise LoSound engine results in a surprisingly deep sound which in some twisted way, provides the experience of standing beside a very powerful woofer. The voice coil design that is unheard of largely, aids in the optimized magnetic flows that gives out a compact and sophisticated sound output. This one of a kind technology has been designed for everyday life, and this is the very first time that this technology has been put to the use.

The Basslet comes along with a small sender that works at plugging the headphones or any other device with an audio jack socket.


  • LoSound engine with a great frequency response for extremely clear and loud enough sound experience.
  • Silent to the outside world.
  • More than 6 hours of the playtime at the maximum volume.
  • Less than one hour of charging required for a full charge.
  • Extremely low latency for a great sync with the music.
  • Plug and play, no middle software needed.
  • 3.5 mm headphone/earphone input.
  • USB input for the charging purposes.
  • Extremely lightweight and can be worn anytime and anywhere without much hassle.
  • Water resistant, so that you don’t have to worry about the rain or the sweat during the intense workout sessions.


  • Good sound and frequency deliver what it promises.
  • Great design that looks great on the wrist.
  • Strong built.


  • Earphones may plug out of it now and then if the wire is small.
  • Comes in black color only. More options may be added.


There is no doubt about the fact that this is a great device laced with a brand new technology that is unheard of in the tech alleys. The sound quality is amazing for the size and price this comes in. Great design and specs make the Basslet a total charmer, and if you are looking for a product like this, you should certainly go for it.