Turtle Shell 3.0 (Wireless Speakers) Review

Wireless speakers have become a new favorite in the music arena. Listening to loud music in your soundproof room seems like ancient history now. How many times have you seen somebody carrying little objects that sound nothing less than magnificent? Ideal for the long travels and campfires, these speakers work through a wireless Bluetooth network and works flawlessly. But there have been some downsides to that as well.

First, most of them have failed to stand the test of the time, they break easily and for the most part, they are not waterproof. So they are not ideal to take out in the rains and shouldn’t be handled roughly. All these limitations have somehow stopped them from becoming a rage in the music listeners market.

However, it was just a matter of time when some company came up with the portable outdoor speakers that would be strong as a rock and waterproof. So many of them came ahead but again, the problem remained, none of them took the venture seriously so they couldn’t make it big. All that was needed was a company that would focus its all attention on designing some high-quality outdoor speakers and here it is.

Turtle Shell 3.0 Waterproof Wireless Daisy Chain Speakers

The Turtle Shell 3.0 is here and as catchy the name is, it does exactly what it promises. The speakers are loud enough for the craziest of music lovers and these speakers are waterproof at their very core. Other than that, there is an inbuilt power back inside them which would let you charge your smartphone or iPod.

We are not done here, in the string of features that it comes with; there is one more that is sure to win the hearts of many. The speaker can be linked to other wireless speakers to give you the music in the maximum volume that one can imagine.

The product is well equipped with all the charm, design, and the style that its creators, the guys at Outdoor Tech are popular for. They started off from California and with this product, they seem to look like very those few guys in the market who knows the true potential of taking care of the design as carefully as the technical specs and the features in the product. The hard work that they put and their ambition behind it

The hard work that they put and their ambition behind it are clearly visible and they seem quite confident about the product. Well, only the time will tell whether or not they would be able to stand the test of time but for now, let us have a deeper analysis of what Turtle Shell 3.0 offer in terms of features.



  • Connecting multiple speakers to a little beast was not as easy before. With Turtle Shell, you can work as many speakers through a wireless connection, and that is in case your Turtle Shell doesn’t seem loud enough for you, which is something we strongly doubt.
  • Bluetooth v4.2 operates flawlessly with the speaker and the connection provides a deep satisfactory output. First, you have to pair one speaker with your phone, tablet or laptop with Bluetooth connectivity and then you have to pair the speaker with a Turtle Shell speaker.
  • You can have the first speaker at a distance of about 30 feet from the device and the Turtle Shell would work within the range of 15 feet from those first speakers and just like that, you are in for a rocking experience.
  • Turtle Shell happens to be completely dust and waterproof at its core. However, we strongly doubt why would somebody want to listen to the music underwater but in case you want to, you have got the right product in the form of Turtle Shell. You can sink it up to 3 feet underwater and when you take it out, it would still be working flawlessly. Same with dust, Turtle Shell is inherently dust-proof. So take with you in the dusty winds and desert areas and it would give you an experience of your lifetime without compromising on the quality.
  • Accidents happen all the time and given the waterproof nature of the device, you may drop it in the pool or the bathtub while enjoying the music as its very fine. But you don’t need to worry, the device doesn’t sink. It floats on the water surface and the music won’t stop. In that way, it quite justifies why it is called Turtle Shell. So in case it falls, you don’t have to be a deep-sea diver in order to find it underwater. It just comes on the surface itself.
  • A speaker is not known by its waterproof or the dust-proof nature. The main objective of designing a speaker is to provide the high-quality sound output to the consumer and Turtle Shell does it well. Being small, light and stylish doesn’t take away its quality. The bass and treble are just perfect for a normal everyday listener. But in case you are a DJ or something like that, you may be slightly disappointed.
  • Rechargeable battery. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the Turtle Shell and afterward you have it working for many hours in a go.
  • Easy to use buttons come with it, not like some other high-end speakers where a normal consumer tends to get lost in translation.

Technical Specs

  • Speaker Size: 42mm
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 73±3dB
  • Speaker Impedance: 4Ω±15%
  • Speaker Max Input Power: @3W average
  • Speaker Frequency Range: 170HZ~20KHz (SPL -10 dB)


  • Works underwater.
  • Great sound output for its size.
  • Multiple speakers can be connected.


  • When put to max volume, the vocals don't sound better.


This is not the very first underwater sound system but it surely is the most compact, small and beautifully designed little device. We cannot say that this will suit everybody but it offers nothing more than the average speakers other than the obvious waterproof tech, but it sure is worth a shot.