Visual Caffeine (Natural Light Enhancer) Review

Have you ever feel tired at work? Who are we kidding, who does not? Especially if it’s a corporate job but there is this thing called caffeine, which feels like music to the ears. You gulp down endless cups of coffee to keep yourself awake in those tiring hours to keep your job. The cut-throat competition goes savage on your health, and the stress level comes with its bundles of physical and psychological problems. Coffee is known to stimulate every pore of your body and energize you so that you can face those deadly hours with ease. But is that enough?

That is the question that the minds behind Visual Caffeine have been asking a lot of people before they came up with the nasty idea of playing with the psychology of the working population. They do it while playing with the light. Yes, you heard it right. They seem to have researched enough to land finally on the conclusion about how light affects your mood and productivity at different times in a day, and they are here now with a new product that will change the way you have been working in closed space in your workplaces. Read further to know more.

Visual Caffeine Overview

As Visual Caffeine stabilizes your biorhythm, it makes you feel relaxed and at calm all the times while you are studying, working on some novel or in some corporate office. The team behind the product believes with all their hearts that they are the first people to have come up with that sort of innovative technology and for what? They want to revolutionize the working environment as we know it and going by what they have to offer; we may think that their product does have the ability to make a difference.

The different studies have proven again and again either subconsciously or consciously; the human brain responds to the amount, the type of lights that falls on the eyes. The brain decides whether the light will bring wakefulness or the sleepiness based on different factors. Take, for example; the sun is usually very rich in a certain blue light during the noon hours while in the morning and the evenings, it emits a warm and reddish hue. Most of the corporate offices nowadays don’t care much about this fact, and they keep the fluorescent lights up all day in the offices. The artificial light gets the brain out of sync, and the employees feel tired even in the morning. And this affects the productivity to a noticeable degree, which further comes to haunt in the night time during the sleep.


Let us now take a look at the features and the working process of this interesting device.

Visual Caffeine Features

  • It gives your brain an illusion of working in the natural sunlight. The hue and the warmth of the lights keep changing throughout the day. Which in turn puts the brain in a relaxing mode and you don’t feel clustered in four walls.
  • There is an interesting feature in the device that’s called Coffee Button, and the button is christened like that for a reason. It tries to replace the actual coffee with a warm light effect. The caffeine content in the coffee is known to have a very deep impact on a person’s psyche and is known to make the mind more attentive. Once the button is pressed, you get a 30-minute dose of energizing blue light which gives out a soothing effect to the receiver.
  • Feel like you had too much coffee? There is a solution to that also within the device. You are one push away from turning the blue visual coffee into a warmer reddish light which takes your heightened senses back to normal.
  • Many of the lights that we witness on our day to day basis happen to have a spectrum with a lot of gaps in them. This one has a wide spectrum which comes with a lot of benefits.
  • The lights and some lights can be personalized where you can have the effect of working in someplace else. For example- if you are working in the night shifts in the UK, you can manipulate the lights in such as way that would make it feel like a normal day in India.
  • This is a three in one device basically where you get one lamp, one panel for direct sunlight and a ceiling spot, all at the cost of one.
  • Direct sunlight effect is there to give a strong feeling of working in the daylight. However, it should be maintained at a balanced level in case you don’t want to blind yourself.
  • In the evening time, the light on the lamp mimics evening outside. Means the light will slowly dim without you even noticing. In some twisted way, this little device aspires to be a perfectly working artificial sun.


Technical Details

  • A desk lamp that is glare free is there to give you a perfect setup for reading a book or studying.
  • Up to 650 Lux on the table, Luminous Flux: up to 1200lm, Color temperature: keeps changing over the day from ≤2700K to ≥5000K – CRI>91 and Power consumption: less than 12.5W.
  • One daylight lamp that illuminates up to 3000 Lux at the level of the eye (with a distance of 30cm) – cool blue light for Boost mode as good as 10.000 Lux in 30cm – Luminous Flux up to 4500lm – Power consumption: less than 38W.
  • One ceiling spot. Luminous Flux up to 1200lm – the Colour temperature range: 2200K…6500K – CRI>91 – Power consumption: well under 12.5W.


  • Low power consumption, works well.
  • Lightweight can be carried easily.


  • Slightly complicated mechanism.
  • If not kept in check, the lights may prove to be harmful to the eyes.


Overall, the device is quite good and justifies the name Visual Caffeine quite well. Great for the prolonged working conditions indoor but the complications in setting it up can be faced earlier and if not set up properly, can cause more harm than benefits.