Wooting One Review

One of the widest uses of computers other than the very obvious office works, playing movies and songs, happens to be gaming. Especially among the youngsters, who need a computer just for game playing purposes and while the regular keyboard does provide a pretty decent gaming experience of game playing on your computer, it does come with a few issues which hit the gamers pretty hard sometimes in the crucial moments of the game. The key pressed too hard or too soft means different things altogether as far as PC games are concerned and keeping this issue in mind, a new product, Wooting One, is making some news in the market that promises to be a bane for the avid gamers of all ages.

Wooting One: Keyboard for Precise Movements in Games

Wooting One is here now that would make all the analog movements and controls in your game precisely. It acts as if it has a mind of its own and it would understand easily how far you have pressed the key for the analog input. Other than the games, it can also be used accurately for many other applications.

Other than being one of the most advanced video game keyboards, it also performs exceptionally on a general level, and the makers are sure that it would replace the conventional keyboards in no time.

What it does is that the keyboard accurately reads the distance and then translates it to the analog input. This analog technique gets implemented throughout the keyboard through an extremely fast microchip and intelligent circuitry.



The Wooting One doesn’t require additional drivers or software to run with; it will do pretty fine with the existing ones, and the compatibility rate would be at par with the regular keyboard. However, if one wants some more features and take full advantage of the price that you are going to pay for the product, we would recommend you to download the configuration software that would help a great deal in making the game playing experience more memorable.

Making a switch between the digital and analog mode is as easy as pushing a button. The high profile analog mode will then be activating all the functions for gaming, while digital mode would make the keyboard function as a regular mechanical keyboard.

Wooting-One-Specs (1)

While the regular keyboard works in two dimensions only, a key is either on or off; this fancy keyboard can sense the intensity and the range of input and deciphers it to follow the command based on the intensity that it has sensed. Not just for the gamers, this keyboard can be used practically for every purpose, and there are some areas where it can outdo the regular keyboards easily.

The keyboard features the brand new Flare tech switch. Other than being modular, it is insanely fast and having a lifetime of about 1, 00,000,000 clicks which are great, to say the least. The two variations are there at the present moment, the red one, and a blue one. The red switch is recommended for the best gaming experience, but ultimately the decision would be yours to make and as it will get updated in the future, replacing it would be a child’s play. The swapping feature also applies to other keys on the keyboard. Just swap two keys based on your convenience.


The keyboard, for the sake of beauty, features full RGB colors. There are many lighting options to choose from, and everything looks beautiful when you are playing your favorite game.


The size and shape of the keyboard are more or less the same as a regular keyboard but where it excels over the mechanical keyboard is the care and attention to detail that has been put in designing the overall shape of the keyboard which is breathtaking. Black in color, the conventional rectangular shape makes sure that it feels easy to operate.



  • The operation is as easy to manage as the regular keyboard that you have been using since years.
  • Makes the gaming experience worth every second with a very smart analog system that decodes the slightest movements you make through the keys.
  • Low maintenance.
  • It also works as a regular keyboard making it a 2 in 1 deal.


  • Price is expected to be on the higher side.
  • Although it can perform as a regular keyboard, its usage is largely limited to the gamers.


In the end, even though Wooting One is leaned towards the gamers, it is no bad deal, and can surely revolutionize the computer gaming sector which happens to be at its peak at the very moment. This beauty will hopefully be in the market by the same time next year, and while it won’t be better than console gaming, it surely is at least worth a try.