Luxury Horse Head Wine Bottle Holder

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Add a touch of luxury & glam to your home with these amazing gold or blue, horse wine bottle holders.

This Luxury Horse Head Wine Bottle Holder is an interesting and aristocratic artwork, stands out in a unique way. This wine holder fits perfectly on a home or bar countertop, showcasing your favorite bottle of wine.

The unique and innovative wine rack design is suitable for various home decoration styles. Whether you need a wine rack or just admire tabletop sculptures, this statue rack is ready to become your favorite wine accessory.

The bottom of the wine rack is equipped with 4 protective foot pads to ensure that the tabletop will not be scratched, and it can also effectively prevent the wine rack from sliding. Horses are one of the animals that many people like very much. It symbolizes outstanding and extraordinary talents, symbolizes power and majesty, and is also a spirit of striving for progress. It inspires people to continue to struggle for their own progress and ideals. This is not only a work of art but also an inspiration.